Untangle security and edge technology complexities

For small to mid-market firms with 51-100 users, our Growth Branch Package delivers unbeatable performance and security features without breaking your budget, thanks to innovative open-source software and powerful all-in-one devices.


Providing powerful features and strong security in a simple, cost-effective package

Designed for small to mid-market businesses, our Growth Branch Package untangles the complexity of network security to provide you with the feature-rich technology needed to empower your work.

Growing companies' tight budgets sometimes lead to network security taking a backseat to other investments. IconIT offers a cost-effective solution to fit within the budget and still offer all the security features needed to keep your data safe.

Our package combines speed, security, and power with a flat rate cost plus 24/7 support. Our goal is to make it easy and simple for you to run your business, replacing the headaches caused by complicated and sluggish carriers.

Pay for the features you actually need

Unlike traditional carrier managed services, iconIT's packages are designed with all the features you need for business success

Attentive support and fast change management

Have peace of mind knowing change orders and support needs can be taken care of within hours — not days or weeks.

Harness speed and power for business success

New converged devices (firewall, routing, switching) with open-source software allow for all-in-one devices to be deployed quickly





of bandwidth


of VPN throughput

How do iconIT Managed Firewall Packages compare to Carrier Managed Routers?


Carrier Managed Routers

iconIT Managed Firewall

Up/Down Monitoring

Stateful Firewall

WAN Failover

IPSec Support

Remote Users VPN

Real Time Bandwidth Monitoring

Read/Write Access

Domestic Support

Change Management

1-2 Days

2-4 hours

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