About IconIT

Bringing simplicity to your managed firewall

Securing your network while allowing for speedy connections to critical business data has never been more important — or complicated. Our promise to you is to offer simplicity, while never compromising on critical function or security, for a fraction of the cost of big carriers.

Leverage decades of experience for powerfully simple managed firewall services

Simplicity without compromising power

A new generation of converged devices (firewall, routing, switching) along with innovative open-source software has led to powerful all in one devices ideal for small and mid-market enterprises with limited resources and (often) budgets. These advancements have simplified the traditional carried managed services. In the past, deploying secure firewalls and networks was expensive, under powered, featured limited, and sluggish when requiring support.

iconIT offers you a simple solution

Levaging notable open-source platforms and converged devices, you can take advantage of powerful, feature rich edge technology platforms at a fraction of the cost of global brands and traditional carriers. You get the security you need plus the speed and performance needed for critical business data in a simple package, with attentive and fast support for a flat cost. We engineered each of our four packages to be as powerfully simple as possible.